How to Choose a Probiotic for Your Dog

probiotic dog

Probiotics are good bacteria living in the digestive tract and help improve the process of digestion. Your dog needs to be provided probiotic supplements for the proper development of these bacteria in its gut. So how can you choose the best probiotic for your pet? Why your Pet Needs Probiotics? Before you find out how […]

Why Do My Dog’s Paws Smell Like Popcorn?

dog paw

Dog owners commonly suffer from the problem of canine foot odor. Pets will usually have their pawns smelling like popcorn. But with proper hygiene you can keep the smell down. Despite regular care and cleanliness, many dog owners still complain about the smell. Here is the main reason why your dog’s paws smell like that. […]

7 Tips to Pet Proof Your Yard

dog yard

Your dog will always love to sprint across your yard. Cats may not be as active, but they still like to spend all day basking in the sun. Your pet is likely to come in contact with different types of plants, with water, and may even cause some unwanted damages. If you want to protect […]

10 Most Toxic Houseplants for Your Pets

toxic plant

Your pets are like children. There is always a chance that they will take a bite at something new and strange. Especially dogs will chew on almost anything they can come around. This hold true for the plants in your home too. All types of plants can be tempting attraction for your pets. But you […]

How to Clean Up Dog Urine from Hardwood Floors

dog urine

Just because you have hardwood floor, it doesn’t mean that you cannot have your dog running around the house. It is easy to see why you will be concerned, but there are effective and safe ways to clean your flooring of your pet’s urine. The following tips will help you with the cleaning. 1. Clean […]